What Would $1000 Invested in American Express be Worth Today?

The Wall Street was baffled to see the American express last quarters earning of 2019. The company’s net profit was 12% higher in 2019than that of 2018. If you invested $1000 in American express a decade ago, your investment would have been quadrupled by now. If you compare it with the S&P 500, the latter just returned the investment by 275%.

The share of American Express in stock market recorded at $122 on Monday, it went down by 4% due to growing fears if Corona Virus.

How American Express Started

American Express started as a ship freight company. The company focused on introducing financial services, and later in 1950 and then in 1950, Amex launched its first card.

In1966, American express came forward with the idea of introducing card programmers for businesses, and I 1991, it launched its first loyalty program, which provided membership rewards. This program offers benefits to its clients who stay loyal and encourage their choice for sticking with the brand.

The stock talk of American Express

The stock of American express rode a tidal wave over time. Just like every other company, the apex stock sunk to its lowest ever in the 2008 recession. The apex stock price resurged to over $11 by February 2009.

Amid fears and chaos, the Amex survived!

Amex in 2016 announced the loss of its profitable contract with Costco, which had a drastic effect on the market value of their shares, and in turn, suffered a loss of $8 billion in precisely 48 hours.

Despite the never-ending problems, American Express struggled back, and under Chennault’s leadership and his wise decisions, the stock resurged with a profit rate of 5.4% annually. American Express was doing well back then, while every other financial institution was just ranking a 2.6 % annual profit margin.

If you are considering an investment in stocks, it is advised to start investing in the index funds first, which contains a basket of companies. American Express may look like the kind of organization that has old roots and is for fully mature people only, but the ground reality is that Millenials love Amex, they are already signing up, 50 of the new cards.

The business is booming as Amex recently announced a new booking feature for its members. This will allow the cardholders to get ahold of all of their bookings and manage reservations by just tapping on the cellphone.

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